Rules on the wiki/chat are as followed:

1.) You are allowed to cuss (say bad words)

2.) Spamming is not allowed, (emoticon and letters) on the chat.

3.) NO bulling/harassing.

4.) Do NOT talk about or link anything spam related.

5.) Do NOT link anything virus related or you will be kicked/banned.

6.) You can NOT give out your address, but you may say what city/state/country you live, if you wish to.

7.) Anyone who disrespects ANY of the rules on this wiki will be banned from the chat.

8.) If you don't like how the game is played then get lost.

9.) Be careful what you say on the chat

10.) Do NOT talk about commiting suicide

11.) Don't keep saying the same things over again

12.) If you want to be chat mod, you have earn it.

13.) Don't ask any Chat Mod or Admin to become a chat mod or an Admin. 

14.)  you will be given three warnings to stop if you don't listen you will be banned/kicked from the chat 

15.) Do NOT make many accounts to come to a wiki and spam 

16.) If any chat mod or Admin bans anyone without a reason or permission, they shall be stripped of their user rights.

17.) If you break the rules above you are going to be banned