These are the theme songs for our wrestlers.
Wrestler Song Artist
Edge Metalingus Alter Bridge
Phineas Flynn Here and Now, Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day (used while teaming with Ferb) The Ernies (Here and Now), Phineas and Ferb (Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day)
AJ Styles I Am (Phenomenal Remix) Dale Oliver
Kane Slow Chemical, Rest in Peace (used while teaming with the Undertaker) Finger Eleven, Jim Johnston
John Cena The Time is Now John Cena feat Tha Trademark
Ferb Fletcher E-Pro, Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day (used while teaming with Phineas) Beck (E-Pro), Phineas and Ferb (Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day)
Christian Just Close Your Eyes, Metalingus (used while teaming with Edge) Story of the Year, Alter Bridge
Triple H The Game, King of Kings (used while in the Authority), Line in the Sand (used while in Evolution) Motorhead
Matt Hardy Live for the Moment, Loaded (while teaming with Jeff Hardy and/or Lita), Reptillian (Intro Cut) (used while teaming wth Jeff Hardy in TNA) Monster Magnet (Live for the Moment), Zack Tempest (Loaded)
Brock Lesnar Next Big Thing Jim Johnston
Lita Lovefurypassionenergy, Loaded Boy Hits Car, Zack Tempest
Duncan Out of the Fire Jim Johnston
Marcus Cor Von Smooth Jim Johnston
Jeff Hardy Loaded (UWE), Time & Fate, Willow's Way (as Willow), Reptillian (Intro Cut) (with Matt Hardy in TNA) (used while in TNA) Zack Tempest, Peroxwhy?gen
Undertaker Rest in Peace Jim Johnston
Trish Stratus Time to Rock & Roll Lil' Kim
Tommy Dreamer Man in the Box Alice In Chains
Sandman Enter Sandman Metallica
Chris Jericho Break the Walls Down (2001 version) Adam Morenoff
Chris Benoit Whatever Our Lady Peace
Jeff Jarrett My World Dale Oliver
Raven Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated) The Offspring
Ric Flair Dawn section of the tone poem Also sprach Zarathustra Richard Strauss
Mickie James Hardcore Country Mickie James and Serg Salinas
Shane McMahon Here Comes the Money Naughty by Nature
Hardcore Holly How Do You Like Me Now? Jim Johnston
Rey Mysterio Booyaka 619 P.O.D.
Dolph Ziggler Here to Show the World Performed by Downstraight, composed by Jim Johnston
Stefanie McMahon Welcome to the Queendom Jackie-O
James Storm Cut You Down w/ whistle intro, Take a Fall (used while in Beer Money, Inc.) Dale Oliver and Serg Salinas
Robert Roode Off the Chain, Take a Fall Serg Salinas, Dale Oliver and Serg Salinas
Kevin Nash Rockhouse Frank Shelley
Matt Taven The Hoopla The Jack of all Tracks
Jake Devlin Her Ghost in the Fog Cradle of Filth
Bray Wyatt Live In Fear Mark Crozer
Dean Ambrose Special Op (used while in The Shield) and Retaliation (used in singles competition) Jim Johnston (Special Op), CFO$ (Retaliation)
Seth Rollins Special Op (Shield)  and The Second Coming (singles) Jim Johnston and CFO$
Roman Reigns Special Op (Shield) and The Truth Reigns (singles) Jim Johnston